Workplace Workshops

Consulting Services in Leadership,
Communications and Team-Building

Space 360 provides complete consulting services in executive leadership, communications assessment and team-building through its president and owner, Judith Finley who is also Managing Director of Hanover International Consulting Group.

In conjunction with Midhudsonmedia, a full-service multimedia firm based in Hudson, New York, Hanover provides state-of-the-art assessment of leadership skills, communications and media assessments and training for executives, and team-building for organizations of all sizes. Ms. Finley has worked with international organizations to improve the success of leadership, management and teams. Midhudsonmedia provides state-of-the-art video services that can be deployed to assess the effectiveness of leadership style or communications skills, for media training, and for specific team-building projects.

Assessment and training services are conducted at Space 360 and, as required at the nearby video production facilities of Midhudsonmedia.

To discuss how your business or organizational needs, please call Judith Finley at